Class of 1971 T - V



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      T                                             U                             V

    Tallar, Lynn
    Tank, Sharon
    Tarpein, Nick
    Taylor, Cindy
    Taylor, Jeff
    Terrell, Mary
    Thiessen, Ken
    Timmerman, Cathy
    Toensfeldt, Mary
    Turner, Dawn
    Twyner, Kathy
    Untiedt, David
    Untiedt, Randi
    Utley, Roxann
    Van Scoy, Joanne
    Vandel, Dennis
    Vargas, Kathy
    Varnum, Joyce
    Vernon, Phil
    Vestal, Sandra
    Visser, Eileen
    Vogt, Diane
    Volquardsen, Chris
    Voltz, Sheri