Class of 1971 D-F



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Deceased class members are denoted with Red

Dau, John

Dau, Mike

Daufeldt, Juneene

Dourer, Nancy

Davis, Charles

Davis, Dan

Davis, Debra

Davis, Gary

Davis, Robert

Dawes, Linda

Deana, Mike

Deney, Debra

Devine, Jane

Devine, Sue

Dickerson, Candy

Dickerson, Richard

Dicks, Sue

Diehl, John

Dilley, Dean

Doerscher, Donna

Donahue, Sharon

Downing, Steve

Dray, Dave

Drummond, Jayne

Duree, Marie

East, Jim

Eberle, Sue

Eckhardt, Barb

Edie, Arthur

Edwards, James

Erickson, Paul


Fairley, Cheryl

Faris, Bill

Faulkner, Steve

Felton, April

Fields, LuAnn

Fifer, Kirk

Finch, Pat


Fox, Sara

Freshwater, Debbie

Fritzsche, Carol

Fulton, Linda

Fulton, Vickie